DriCool Technology



Allstar DriCool apparel uses a high performance fabric which draws moisture from the body to the fabric surface where it evaporates and leaves the skin cool and dry. This fabric is certified breathable, sweat-resistant and comfortable.

This is a new level of moisture management providing superior ventilation minimising skin irritation and color.

Our DriCool apparel can be used in sports where you might be perspiring for an extended period of time such as long distance running, high intensity training, cycling and moutain climbing.

It is also ideal wear for comfort from the blistering heat of hot summer days.

Care for DriCool

Wash your Allstar Dricool item in cold water using powdered laundry detergent.
Air dry to maintain the effectiveness of the material.
If you don’t like crinkly clothes, you may iron it to low to medium heat only.
Do not dry clean or use bleach on this material!