At the core of Allstar's philosophy is to make functional and up to date sportswear available to everyone. This active and lifestyle brand locally designs and manufactures its collections to serve its dynamic community of Filipinos using the clothes for their different needs. The breakthrough DRI-COOL technology in the fabric continues to give customers the benefit of moving freely in all their activities. The careful balance of functionality, versatility and value definitely makes Allstar a staple in everyone's wardrobe.

Allstar has a wide array of choices to meet the sportswear needs of anyone with an active lifestyle – whether a sports or gym buff. Allstar’s special breakthrough DRI-COOL technology makes use of sweat-resistant fabric that allows skin to breathe, protecting it from excessive wetness, discomfort, and itching. The ideal material for any sportswear.


Allstar offers comfort and style at a more pocket-friendly price. The cuts, styles, and materials are at par with high-end sportswear brands sans the high-end price. Less of the frills and more on clean, no-nonsense aesthetics, definitive of what sportswear should be.

Crisp, clean, classic, and tasteful, Allstar is the sportswear brand for active men and women who also have a keen taste in fashion.

Aside from water-resistant rain jackets, casual jackets, and dri-cool shirts, there are also bottom pieces like jogging pants and shorts, also made of microfabric lightweight materials.

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